I hope this is helpful.

But it may not be for everyone.

There’s certainly no scripture that says, “try it the way the Lassiters do it.”

And I’m not even sure it’s the best way. But it is a way.

And hopefully it helps someone.

Quick disclaimer: If you came for ideas about being the perfect Christian family, that’s not us. I’m not joking. Yesterday, one of our kids cheated in family devotional.

(The kid in question secretly wrote the Bible memory verse, Isaiah 26:3, on his or her arm while others were trying to recite it since I know you are wondering. We all got a really good laugh out of that.) 

Even as I share about how family devotional looks like in our home, I realize how many times our seasons of life change and we get in bad habits of not doing it.

We rely on grace a lot. And if you are the type of Christian that feels completely condemned (not convicted, there’s a difference) by how you are not doing enough, I’d probably suggest reading Galatians 5 rather than this blog. 

Still, in the case that this may be helpful for families quarantined together, I thought I’d share. 

For family devotional, we do something different each day. We try to incorporate one different part of the Christian life.  And we keep it short. On weeks where it actually happens, it looks like this. 

Sundays – We discuss ways where we can love and serve our community.  We actually take time to be doers of the word, and not just hearers. On Sundays, we also review the list we made the previous Sunday. 

Mondays – We do sermon discussion. The preached word is a means of grace, and we don’t want it to go in one ear and out the other without our kids engaging with it. 

Tuesdays – We do scripture memory. We want our kids to hide the word in their hearts. 

Wednesdays – We read a book together. We’ll choose a Christian living book or a Christian fiction book and read for five minutes. 

Thursday –  We sing a hymn together.  I grew up in church, but it took a long time for the church to grow up in me. Still, as a Christian now, I cherish knowing the words to the hymns I grew up singing in Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

It’s helpful to have the sound of Mrs. Judkins leading the choir in the singing of “Hold to His Hand … God’s Unchanging Hand” etched in memory.

one of my favorite worship songs

Friday – Arts. We will take a look at a creative art either made for the church or creative art from the church. This allows us to use a ton of creativity in devotional time.

a great use of the creative arts here …

Saturday – We pray together. We want our kids to learn to pray through everything, not just when life is falling apart.

Devotional time in our home usually lasts about five minutes. And I’ll be honest, it’s not like my kids join enthusiastically every day, either. And it doesn’t always happen. But the benefit of having some plan in place is that it’s easier to get back on track once we get off track. 

I also wrote a free 31-Day devotional E-book you can download here.

Now it’s your turn.

I want to hear from you.

What are one or two devotional tips you would share with young families?