This post isn’t about the American flag or taking a knee.

Some of you are probably disappointed and others relieved.

I promise I didn’t mean to sensationalize the headline. This blog really is about Colin Kaepernick. And it is really about your Bible.

Specifically it’s about a commercial for noise-cancelling headphones that featured Kaepernick – at that point the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers – six years ago.

The video portrays Kaepernick on the team bus, showing up at the opposing team’s stadium. The scene is chaos. Fans are on either side of the bus shouting. They are letting him know that for the next several hours, they will say or do anything imaginable to get in his head.

But Kaepernick has a plan.

By putting on the noise-cancelling headphones, he can block out the chaos around him. And the quarterback can choose the message he wants to hear. In Kaepernick’s case, it happens to be Aloe Blacc’s hit song I’m the Man. As Kaepernick gets off the bus and walks through the crowd, the yelling and gesturing only intensifies.

Thanks to his Beats by Dre noise-cancelling headphones, however, Kaepernick remains focused on his music and not the chaos around him.

In 2020, I imagine we can all relate to Kaepernick walking through that crowd, with all of society shouting at us.

“Vote this way or the country will collapse.”

“Embrace this cause or else.”

“Say this phrase or else.”

“Don’t say this phrase or else.”

“Cancel this person or else.”

“Think this way about race or else.”

“Think this way about COVID-19 or else.”

I’m not here to make a judgment on whether the things aforementioned are right or wrong. My point is that as Christians we have to make time to block out the chaos.

Not so that we can listen to Aloe Blacc’s music collection.

But so we can focus on God’s word.

I’m a huge book person. I love books. I’m a lifelong learner. And I write books, too.

But there’s no book like our Bible.

Which is why we have to read it!

God’s word is sufficient to help us navigate all that 2020 throws at us.

We just have to open it.

And cancel out the chaos.

I’d love to hear from you. Have you found reading your Bible to be easy or difficult this year?