I’m a former sports journalist-turned-Christian author.

When it came time to create a website for my books, I knew I would write the words for it.

I’m a writer. It’s sort of what I do.

But I hadn’t considered writing words for other websites.

Then, through a series of connections, I had the chance to write the website bio for a Christian hip-hop artist named S.O. (He’s dope! Check him out.) Through the connection with S.O., I also had the chance to work with a company called Wisdom Pumps.

Now I’m looking to expand.

Here are my basic guidelines.

A basic story – something like the About Us or Our Story sections of a website – would be in the $45 ballpark for one article or $60 for both. It breaks down like this:

  • $15 for interview and information-gathering
  • $15 for interview transcription
  • $15 per article

I work for a non-profit and volunteer at my church, and I’m glad to offer special discounted rates for churches, ministries and non-profits. I’m a creative photographer, but not a great photographer (yet).

I may be able to do some photography stuff for local businesses depending on the need.

I’m also willing to offer discounts for website designers who can offer consistent work.

I love working at a non-profit (the YMCA), but in 2020 I’ve also learned the importance of controlling your income streams. It’s also a dream of mine to create a business where I can have my kids work beside me and learn entrepreneurship lessons. The extra money would help me fund some other creative ventures.

I may not be a great fit for every business.

And every business won’t be a great fit for me.

If you want to hear more, just email me at chrislassiter540@gmail.com.